Oh Lait! Oh Lait!

Oh Lait! Oh Lait! just launched premium ice cream pints inspired by the fruits, drinks and sweet confections of the Caribbean. But their taste, texture and flavor have all-American appeal. Dark Caribbean Chocolate… the bold flavor of Mango… plump, rum-soaked raisins… marzipan bits… creamy, sweet & tart Guanabana… Seriously, what’s not to like?
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Dio Deka Foods

Retail refrigerated dips and spreads from Dio Deka Restaurant, the only Michelin Star Greek Restaurant in the United States. Unique to their category and culinary in appeal. Entering the retail market in Summer, 2015.
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Casa Bandido Salsa

Made from an authentic Mexican recipe handed down from over three generations, Casa Bandido Salsas were made popular by El Bandido Mexican Restaurant, a true New York landmark. Each of the four flavors is natural, delicious, and perfect for entertaining or cooking. Distribution has started in major retailers and distributors in the Northeast.
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Kettle Kups

The first K-cup soup to enter the market. Completely compatible with all Keurig models. Trendy, innovative, in tune with the popularity of broth as a healthy, natural alternative beverage. More information on our web site www.kettlekups.com.
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Thai Feast Gourmet Dinners

A famous Midwest Thai Restaurant asked us to commercialize three of their most popular Thai dinners, which were also healthy, all natural, gluten-free with no MSG and reduced sodium. This was a dramatic departure from most frozen Thai Dinners. As a result of our Market Development Program,Thai Feast Gluten-Free Dinners are currently in large supermarket chains and Whole Foods throughout the country.
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Chef America

We worked with their corporate marketing and sales staff to develop many new flavors for both the retail and food service marketplace. This included conducting focus groups throughout the country, designing new packaging, developing merchandising and marketing materials, implementing trade shows and sales incentive programs and strategic planning of food service market segmentation programs for school lunch programs, institutions and the military.
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Allergy Friendly Foods

Feeding children with multiple food allergies was a daily challenge for this client. Packaged meals that tasted good and were also free of all the 8 major food allergies just didn’t exist at that time. Working with the client’s recipe, we developed a line of healthy, tasty and allergy free ready-made dishes for children. We also created an animated character that was attractive to children, and became a brand as well, “Allergaroo”. The product was introduced in glass jars, and the client has since packaged it in “boil in a bag” pouches.
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Häagen Dazs

This pioneer in super-rich ice creams with an exotic name, but actually made by a dairy in New York City run by Reuben Mattus, had become a hit in neighborhood gourmet stores. The brand name was chosen for its old world tradition and craftsmanship, but actually means nothing in any Scandanavian language. Because of the high butter fat content and low whipped-in air, people would bend their spoons when serving, requiring us to post a notice on the package “Please thaw to room temperature before serving”. As their marketing agency, I packaged the product for grocery and put the brand in the hands of leading food brokers throughout the country, who helped make it the leader in its category. In a few years, we helped build the brand from $10 million in sales to $60 million. Our success with the brand eventually led to its purchase by Pillsbury.
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New Zealand Trade Development Board

As consultant to this agency of the New Zealand Government for three years, I helped support and guide New Zealand food and beverage exporters to greater success in the U.S. market while developing many promotional opportunities in the U.S. retail and foodservice marketplace. Product categories included bakery, condiments, frozen, seafood, dairy, meat, beer and wine, among others. As a result of my efforts, I increased forex (foreign exchange dollars) year over year to more than NZ$50 million in new export sales. I also designed and managed high profile events involving top executive chefs, and managed chain-wide promotions at several major grocery chains in the U.S.
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Tommy Lasorda Sauces

We produced the successful nationwide launch of this high profile personality pasta sauce. Programs were put together featuring Tommy, the Los Angeles Dodgers, KABC Radio (their flagship station), and many of the ball players. Tommy always had a unique way of merchandising, and would often spin baseball stories for grocery buyers in the dugout after the game, while serving up fresh pasta with his famous pasta sauce. As a result of producing a major press party to introduce the product, Tommy and his pasta sauce received radio and TV coverage in 32 major markets within 5 days of launch!
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