Steven M. Goodman, MBA - Food Marketing Consultant

steve-goodmanSteven M. Goodman has been a professional Marketing Consultant for more than 20 years, and has worked in consumer marketing for over 30 years. His specialty is working with food and beverage companies who sell to both the retail and food service markets. To implement sales and marketing programs, Mr. Goodman has worked closely with leading food brokers, distributors and retail accounts throughout the country.

The goal of HSR Associates is to bring new food products to market efficiently and cost-effectively. Their trademark slogan, From Kitchen to Marketplaceā„¢, summarizes their corporate mission.

Mr. Goodman’s marketing skill set includes strategic planning; sales forecasting; market analysis; price analysis; research; name generation; packaging; managing brokers and distributors; developing trade show booths and lead generation programs.

Mr. Goodman’s advertising & promotion skill set includes new business development; copywriting; concept development; video production; advertising, brochure and POS production; media planning and placement; premium & incentive programs.

Prior to opening HSR Associates, Mr. Goodman worked for several large multinational agencies, including N.W. Ayer, Dentsu Advertising and Ketchum Advertising. He was also a Sales Promotion executive at Union Carbide Corp. and American Standard in New York.

Mr. Goodman’s formal education includes an MBA in Marketing from the Bernard M. Baruch College in New York and a BBA in Advertising from the Bernard M. Baruch College.