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What We Do

HSR ASSOCIATES Food & Beverage Marketing Consultants specialize in new products.

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Our experience expands many different market types.

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Why HSR Associates

What We Do

HSR ASSOCIATES Food & Beverage Marketing Consultants specialize in new products, including everything necessary for quick-start and cost-effective market rollout. Our expertise is derived from more than 32 years of intensive experience in food marketing and marketing consulting on both the east and west coast.

Our client experience includes major brand, multinational food and beverage companies in all important sectors – frozen food, refrigerated foods, dry grocery, produce, food service and internet food marketing. We have also been responsible for launching many new brands taken from concept or kitchen recipes. These include gourmet, specialty, natural and organic products.

How We Do It

HSR Associates is unique because we provide a complete package of comprehensive services for both product development and market development. Our services include:

Our services include:

  • Food Concept Development
  • Food Brand Development
  • Design the brand logo
  • Food Recipe Refinement
  • Food Packaging Design
  • Beverage Concept Development
  • Beverage Packaging Design
  • Commercialize the recipe
  • Work with the highest qualified chefs and food technologists to develop commercial recipes
  • Secure the nutritional facts statement and list of ingredients
  • Obtain UPC codes and administer code assignments
  • Create and produce the packaging or label
  • Select a qualified co-packer suited for your needs and budget.

Once production samples have been made, we can:

  • Produce Food Sales Materials
  • Sell your product through our food brokers
  • Manage the introduction and sales roll-out
  • Secure space at food trade shows and beverage trade shows and help man the booth
  • Make headquarter and customer sales calls.

About the Competition

Yes, we have competition. Doesn’t everyone? Many of them are very big and charge a boatload of money. And after they develop the product and take your money, they leave you at the door and you’re on your own. To go find a copacker. To go find brokers and distributors and figure out how to sell the product. This is where the rubber meets the road and a lot of time and money can be saved.

So, I’ll share with you our secret. We are the only new food product consulting firm in the U.S. that offers BOTH food product development and complete food marketing development from one source!

No running around. One call. One source for complete product development and market development.

818 757-7152. Call now and experience the difference!

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