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If you’re looking for the best food startup experts and beverage development consultants, finding someone who knows the latest about food package design trends should be at the top of your requirements. Cultural trends often move faster than most of us can keep up with. Food and beverage marketing consultants make it their mission to understand what kind of packaging modern consumers respond to best. In this week’s blog, we discuss five trends in food product packaging that the food startup consultants at HSR Associates are watching closely.


Americans are producing more waste than ever before, but consumers are also starting to reject wasteful food and beverage packaging. Savvy consultants work with designers and copackers to produce eco-friendly packaging that reduces waste, expends food freshness, and preserves ingredient fortification.

Marine Conservation

On a related note, consumers are becoming more aware of the dangers that plastics present to sea life. This can make or break brand loyalty. Consumers appreciate food packaging that uses more recycled materials and less plastic. Informed food product consultants know that your brand has to communicate that it is part of the solution.

Periphery Pendulum Swing

Shoppers increasingly “shop in the periphery,” favoring fresh foods in the outer aisles over the shelf-stable foods in the center. Expert food and beverage development consultants see this as a prime opportunity to make an ignored space stand out. Using transparent materials, fresh designs, recyclable materials, or unique shapes can draw consumers to the store center if they perceive a packaged food or beverage as fresh, healthy, and eco-friendly.


Minimalism has been experiencing something of a renaissance in various fields, and it is also making its mark on food and beverage packaging. Just as consumers are rejecting packaging that looks wasteful, many consumers feel less attracted to packaging that looks “busy.” Good packaging designers and consultants bridge the gap between too much and too little, so that packaging communicates essential information while looking clean and minimal.


Companies that have capitalized on the convenience of online shopping have exploded in recent years. Food startup experts know that packaging viewed online should reflect the consumer’s experiences with in-store shopping. Packaging should be able to grab the eye and communicate just as effectively through a computer or smartphone screen as it does on a grocery store shelf.

Beverage Development Consultants Tackle the Trends!

Don’t let your business miss the fast-moving trend train! Our expert food and beverage development consultants know exactly what consumers want and how to produce the most appealing packaging. HSR ASSOCIATES specializes in developing new food products and bringing them to market. We provide all the services necessary, from Kitchen To Marketplace. Contact us today at

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