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When consumers browse through the shelves at the supermarket, they are faced with thousands of choices. How can you be sure that your new food or beverage product stands out in the crowd? In this blog, we’ll discuss one of HSR Associates’ Basics for Success: food package design. This essential part of food product development can make all the difference in whether your product becomes one of that succeeds in the marketplace, or one that fails.

Why is Food Package Design So Important?

Consumers buy with their eyes. Even if you do everything else right, poor packaging design can make or break your product. Packaging is your salesman on the shelf—it represents your product and your brand, and it’s the last thing the consumer sees before deciding whether or not to purchase. People buy with their eyes, so it’s essential that your packaging communicates effectively with potential consumers.

Experienced marketers know that consumer choices are often not the result of rational thought, but are instinctive responses formed by intuitions. Packaging is your opportunity to convey messages and images that tempt people to buy your product on conscious and subconscious levels. There can be no compromising when it comes to design and photography—you must invest in the best for your food product design.

What Makes a Great Package Design?

  • Consumer appeal. First and foremost, your packaging must entice people. It must be distinctive and unique among competitors occupying the same shelf space. It must be easy to read, with large bold type. The colors must be bold, particularly if your product is a frozen or refrigerated food and it is stacked behind freezer doors that fog up from frequent opening and closing.
  • Branding. Packaging is an opportunity to communicate about your product and build a relationship with consumers. Consumers tend to repurchase products from brands they know and trust, and packaging is one of the foremost ways to familiarize people with your brand. Short and memorable brands are the best.
  • Targeting. Packaging needs to grab your target consumers specifically. It is essential to work with consultants who understand your market and what attracts your audience.
  • Functionality. Consumers associate quality in packaging with quality in product. Great photography is very important. Your packaging needs to look great and protect your product, while being easy to open and conveying necessary information clearly. This information includes instructions, nutrition labeling, and ingredients. Many consumers also prioritize products that have environmentally friendly packaging.

Expert Consultation from HSR Associates

Remember: if they buy, they try! That initial purchase is the first step to building consumer loyalty. Your food package design must entice people to choose your food or beverage product out of thousands of competitors. HSR Associates has more than 3 decades of experience in food product development, and we are passionate about designing exceptional packaging as part of our comprehensive product development services.

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