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Why HSR Associates

What We Do

Our Mission is to Develop New Food Products and Bring Them to Market.

Are you an Entrepreneur, Foodie, Chef or Restaurant with a food idea or recipe that you believe will be a success in supermarkets, grocery chains, club stores and mass market retailers?

Are you convinced that your product is unique and different to stand out from the crowd? Do you personally have the patience, perserverance, passion and capital to make it succeed? To be successful requires all of these business qualities.

If you answered “Yes”, then we want to talk to you.

We provide all the services to develop, produce and market your new food product.

If your recipe or food idea has the potential for success, we’ll do our best to guide you through the steps needed to create your own food company.

How We Do It

We provide two essential services necessary to develop and market your new food product.

Product Development is the step by step process of converting your food idea or recipe into a commercial formula with the proper ingredients and packaging that meets all state and federal requirements for labeling and food safety. Consider us to be architects for your new food products. We provide you and the food manufacturer or copacker the plans and specifications to follow and produce your product.

Market Development provides all the services to introduce and sell your product to the trade, and incentivize consumers to try your product and keep buying it all through the year. Marketing is essential for the long term success of your new food product.

The HSR Difference

HSR Associates is unique because we provide both essential services for product success: new product development and strategic market development.

Other product developers may develop new food products but they leave it up to you to sort out the strategies and navigate the maze of getting it to market. Doing it yourself can be risky and expensive.

We know what the pitfalls and opportunities are and put together strong, consistent marketing programs to gain trade awareness and consumer success. We manage and promote your products at national food trade shows, the best opportunity to meet hundreds of qualified people in the trade in only three days.

More Than 25 Years Experience

The food industry is constantly growing and spawning new and unique opportunities. We keep up with the latest trends. Our goals for you will not only include traditional brick and mortar retailers, but online sales, third party food retailers like Amazon, food service, international, Facebook and Twitter. We have even worked with food trucks and pop-up restaurants.

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