futuristic food

Centuries ago, who could have conceived of some of the foods we eat today? Imagine someone from the 1500s seeing our Lucky Charms cereal, wide array of fruits available anywhere in the world, or even the size of our chickens! Diets have radically changed throughout the centuries, so we should expect that food will continue to evolve with the times. So, what futuristic food can we expect to come around the corner? Let’s take a look at some foods you might find yourself shopping for in the next few decades.


Many consumers are distrustful of eating genetically modified food. However, GMOs may be even harder to avoid as the years go on. Climate change and other factors are making it harder to grow enough crops in the traditional way. Genetic modification is ready (and necessary) to fill in the gaps. GMOs also help to create more “perfect” foods. A new gene editing tool called CRISPR has enabled scientists to produce non-browning apples, non-bruising potatoes, and even virus-resistant pigs. While distrust still surrounds genetically modified futuristic food, it may be only a matter of time before we don’t have a lot of other options.

3D Printed Food

Some scientists report that Earth won’t even be inhabitable for much longer. Are we all going to be living in space or growing food on Mars in the future? Astronauts, such as those living on the International Space Station, get to be the first to test out some new advances in futuristic food. They already enjoy a wide variety of food that is engineered on Earth for consumption in zero-gravity, but they’re working on ways to produce their own food in space. NASA is even working on 3D printed food! This tech is in the very early stages, but it would theoretically allow astronauts to “print” food in any atmosphere using base macronutrients, supplemented with flavors and aromas delivered with an “injket” system. Eventually, food could be tailored to the specific genetic and physical needs of individuals to create super-efficient nutrition.

Space Food

“Space gardens” already exist, and we can expect that scientists will continue to work on growing plants in space. Hopefully, space dwellers will eventually be able to grow all the same fruits and vegetables in space that we do on Earth. If the Earth’s atmosphere changes drastically while we’re still living here, space garden technology may allow us to continue growing our favorite plants.

We’ve talked about the meat of the future, and it looks like lab-grown meat will be a critical part of our future diets. Our planet may not be able to support the dairy industry for much longer, and growing our meat in petri dishes is a futuristic solution. We can also expect to eat a lot more insect protein. Crickets, worms, and other insect meat can be produced with far fewer negative impacts on the environment.

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