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Over the past couple weeks, we’ve covered the impact of coronavirus on food trade shows, the advantages of a virtual food trade show, and the possible disadvantages of switching to a virtual trade show model. To continue this theme, we’re going to talk about the future of trade shows. We see two important factors shaping the future: climate change and developing communication technology. These will have a long-lasting and far-reaching impact on food trade shows. In this blog, we’ll discuss how they’ll change the food industry and what you can do about it.

Climate Change

Like we have been discussing, coronavirus has already had a big impact on food trade shows, causing the Natural Products Expo West and other major events to be cancelled. Due to climate change, the future remains unpredictable when it comes to pandemics, severe weather, and other natural disasters. The US and other countries around the world have been experiencing increased blizzards, hurricanes, weather extremes, extra mild seasons, and other phenomena. Scientists predict that these trends will only keep growing. Therefore, organizers of trade shows and other large events should consider relying less on physical events and more on virtual ones. We can expect more and more virtual food trade shows to crop up as the world keeps changing and technology keeps improving.

What does all of this mean for your business or startup? Well, the ones who want to continue to thrive long-term will need to continue to take advantage of marketing opportunities while adapting to the changing format and structure of trade shows. This will involve budgeting to market for virtual food trade shows, not just in-person ones. After all, how will food marketing change without the “meet-and-greet”? Without a delicious free sample and a friendly face, how will you draw people in? Additionally, how can your startup set itself apart from the other businesses if you are all competing in a virtual space? These are vital questions to consider for the future. To address them, it’s important to have an expert food consultant by your side.

Communication Technology

A lot of questions remain about how virtual food trade shows will work. If someone cannot sample the product, how can you really sell it to them? What will “booths” look like? What will special events look like? Since virtual trade shows are in their infancy, few people have clear answers to these questions. Nevertheless, as communication technology develops, you can bet that devices and products will be created that cater to these sorts of events.

Smartphones were hardly imaginable 20 years ago, and video conferences were things you only saw in 1980s sci-fi movies. But now they’re a part of our daily lives. Who knows what treasures future technology may bring? Plus, who knows how we might be able to use them for futuristic trade shows? It’s essential to have someone on your team who has expertise in the current technology, can anticipate future trends, and can also help you capitalize on them.

Other Ideas for the Future of Trade Shows

With the above observations about climate change and technology in mind, how else can you make the future of trade shows work for you? One idea could be to think about developing more “disaster friendly” futuristic food products. These would be products that are shelf-stable, nutritious, and portable. Furthermore, they would be bought and sold in bulk with minimal packaging. In other words, they are the kinds of food products that gained popularity during the recent quarantine, due to changes in how people are shopping and eating. Does your business feature such products?

Not all ideas will work for your business or target audience. A professional food consultant can not only come up with ideas that are appropriate for you, but also help you make them a reality.

Explore the Future of Trade Shows with HSR Associates

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More great ideas to come from our food product development experts! Stay tuned…………..