beverage packaging design

Just like food package design, beverage packaging design is a crucial part of product development. No matter how delicious your new beverage is, it can’t compete on the shelves without exceptional packaging. People often choose the products that jump out at them visually, so you need to know what kinds of designs are grabbing today’s consumers. In this week’s blog, we’ll highlight some of the latest trends in beverage packaging design to consider when marketing your new beverage product. Cheers!

Minimalist Design

In general, product packaging is becoming more minimal. Minimalist design focuses on just a few core details of the product. These highly effective designs seek to get the brand identity across instantly, without being bogged down by distracting text and graphics. A brand identity that jumps out at the consumer in a striking way is more likely to be remembered and recognized later.

Pinks and Pastels

Color is an important part of establishing the “tone” of a product. Advertisers are always trying to find out what color palettes are the most popular and effective. It changes from day to day! The recent popularity of light pastel shades (like “Millennial pink”) may be linked to an appreciation for androgyny and clean, Scandinavian design. If you’re trying to appeal to Millennials, it’s definitely worth considering pastels.

Hand-lettering and Calligraphy

Millennial brand values include authenticity and transparency. Millennials want to see designers add their personal touch to product packaging, because this makes the brand feel more like a person than a business. Lots of beverage brands are experimenting with using hand-lettered fonts that communicate the “personality” of the product. A trip down the craft beer aisle is filled with examples of modern calligraphy and hand-lettering.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

It’s no surprise that modern consumers are paying more attention to eco-friendly products when choosing what to purchase. Both food and beverage packaging is responding to environmental concerns by becoming more eco-friendly and sustainable. For beverages, that means using not only recyclable materials, but more biodegradable materials as well. Reducing waste and increasing efficiency during the packaging process itself is also a way for brands to show that they are reducing their carbon footprint.

Successful Beverage Packaging Design with HSR Associates

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